E1: Ronnie Hill, Impact Drilling

Episode Highlights

Buckle up and dive into the first episode of Drilling and Chilling, where we're hanging out with the legendary Ronnie Hill from the WA-based RC & AC drilling company, Impact Drilling.

Having taken his first interview in shorts and thongs, Ronnie landed a job that spanned into three decades of drilling adventures. His chat with our host, SJ Simpson, is about more than just digging into the ground; and guides us through the evolution of drilling.

From the wild early days to today's tech-driven, safety-first scene, Ronnie's seen it all, and he's here to spill the dirt.

This episode is a journey through sweltering heat, dodgy safety gear (if any), and a baptism by fire into the world of drilling. It’s also a look at how things used to be, starkly different from the tech-savvy, meticulously safe operations we see today.

And it's not all about looking back; Ronnie's got his eyes on the future too. He talks about drilling's digital leap, the global gigs that tested his limits, and the importance of keeping the human touch in a tech-heavy world. This episode is a casual, candid look at drilling life. So, grab your favourite chill spot and tune into Drilling and Chilling to catch Ronnie in action.

Drillin' and Chillin' is a CorePlan podcast, with new episodes dropping on YouTube and Spotify. Share your thoughts by emailing gday@coreplan.io.

E4: Marchus Harris from Topdrive Drillers
Ever wondered what it's like to grow up on a drill site? Marchus Harris spills the beans on wild rig adventures, camp meals, leadership lessons, and even how he's using tech like CorePlan to stay on top of things at Topdrive Drillers Australia.
E6: Mathew Feeney from Precision Drilling
This week, Matthew Feeney gives us a sneak peek into the tech he's been developing that could change the game for field work, and takes us on his journey from carpenter to the top of the drilling game. Get the lowdown on how he built his business, Precision Drilling, from the ground up.
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