E2: Grant Ingram from OreEx Drilling

Episode Highlights

Get ready for the latest scoop on Drilling and Chilling! We're catching up with Grant Ingram from OreEx Drilling.

Grant's been in the game for over two decades, and his chat with host SJ Simpson is a mix of drilling stories and tech talk. From adventures in the wilds of Africa to the latest digital shake-ups in drilling, this episode's got it all.

Grant takes us on a journey from farm life to drilling, starting in Victoria and then venturing into the challenges and charms of Guinea and Liberia. He spills the beans on the thrills and spills of drilling abroad. Plus, he's all about the tech that's revolutionising the drilling scene, making operations smoother and transparency better than ever.

But it's not just about efficiency; this tech is changing how drillers interact with the world. Don't miss out on the full scoop with Grant Ingram - tune into Drilling and Chilling today!

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E2: Grant Ingram from OreEx Drilling
Grant Ingram of OreEx Drilling spills the beans on 20+ years in the industry, from farm life to drilling in the wilds of Africa. Hear how new tech is transforming the drilling scene, boosting transparency, and changing the way drillers work.
E6: Mathew Feeney from Precision Drilling
This week, Matthew Feeney gives us a sneak peek into the tech he's been developing that could change the game for field work, and takes us on his journey from carpenter to the top of the drilling game. Get the lowdown on how he built his business, Precision Drilling, from the ground up.
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