Image of the Coreplan software, mobile app and tablet app

Revenue Management for Drill Contractors made simple

Drilling Software for Exploration Drilling.

Drill holes, fill plods and bill clients using CorePlan to remove leakage, drill more meters and delight clients.

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Image of the Coreplan software, mobile app and tablet app

Why drilling contractors love CorePlan

Intuitive mobile app for plods & prestarts. Online. Offline.

CorePlan's Mobile app lets you capture everything from the field without the paperwork. With or without coverage. No more filling in sheets, losing them or carrying around outdated safety documents.

Coreplan Mobile and Tablet app for mining exploration and drilling to capture drill plods, inspections, incidents and other safety data

Easy approvals & flexible workflows. Client and supervisor.

Get sign off from the geo onsite before your supervisor approves the plod. Or do not. The choice is yours. Notice a mistake? Fix it easily at no matter where you are in your workflow.

Digital contracts. As many as you like.

Create unlimited client projects and contracts across your business. The digital contract tied to each client and project reconciles all your costs against your activities, in realtime.

Drill reports & invoicing

Automate your end of shift reporting and share it to the client with one click. Or set it to autoshare. And, completely streamline your invoicing by generating your cost summaries directly using the platform. Then, invoice directly through Xero or Myob.

Timesheets. Payroll. Even staff bonuses!

Avoid timesheet headaches and record accurate staff hours digitally via the CorePlan mobile app. Save hours of admin hours and conduct payroll easily.

Revenue Intelligence for all your drilling activity.

Eliminate guesswork. Make sure decisions you make are made on facts, not just taken by gut feeling. With dashboards galore, you know exactly what's going on at every rig, with every driller, for every client, as it happens.

Screenshot of Coreplan Exploration project dashboard

Run better drill programs with CorePlan

The power, flexibility, and mobility of our software has earned us more than 500 happy users — who are our greatest advocates. With CorePlan, you’re not just saving time and money. You’re finding a better way to do business.

24/7 support and world-class service
Seamless user experience
Continuous development
Easy setup with no installation required
Enterprise grade security
Cost efficient subscription pricing

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