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Why consider drilling software?

Forget about drowning in spreadsheets and paper forms—today's mining operations demand something smarter. Drilling programs churn out mountains of data, and you need a slick way to handle it all.

Drilling software digitises your data. Mobile apps replace messy paper plods and DDRs, instantly sending info to the office. That means tracking costs, fine-tuning rig utilisation, and keeping tabs on your drilling progress – all with ease.

Gain complete insight into your drilling operations. Drilling software makes it easy to streamline programs, cut costs, and make every project more successful.

Who should use drilling software?

Do you need better visibility into your drilling metres, charges and progress?

Do you and your team find yourself having to rework drilling data multiple times to ensure it's accurate?

Do you find yourself juggling multiple systems, spreadsheets, or processes to run calculations, often spending significant time wrangling to get the reports you need?

Are you and your clients or contractors butting heads because everyone has a different version of the truth?

If you answered yes to one or more of the questions above, your operations could likely benefit from drilling software.

When is the right time to adopt drilling software?

The answer is simple: now. While you might scrape by without dedicated software for a while, the sooner you upgrade, the sooner you'll start reaping the benefits.

As your operation grows, makeshift solutions become a nightmare. Jumping between scattered data slows you down and costs you money.

Adopting drilling software has never been easier. CorePlan's Integrated Drilling Management Platform is built for companies like yours. Get a powerful solution up and running quickly, without the hassle of custom development or long-term lock-in.

With CorePlan, you'll transform your drilling operations. Ready to take it further? Explore how the full power of CorePlan's Platform can streamline even more of your workflow.

The evolution of drilling software

What does the future hold? It depends on the needs of the industry.

At CorePlan, we think about the future A LOT. We believe the future is in empowering people in mining and drilling with software that's both powerful and user-friendly.

We're frustrated to see the industry still relying on outdated software that feels like it was built when Jurassic Park hit theatres in 1993. Too often, drilling software is overly complex, demanding huge IT resources without delivering enough value.

Data is often messy or lacks the detail needed, leading to constant disagreements and a lack of clarity.

That's why we launched CorePlan in 2020: a drilling solution designed for the ground-level needs of contractors and mining teams. It's easy to use, requires no custom development or updates, and offers usage-based subscriptions with live chat support.

Since then, we've not only listened to our users on mine sites and drill rigs but also envisioned the future of drilling operations. We're excited to bring that vision to life. CorePlan has evolved into an Integrated Drilling Management Platform, handling a larger part of your operational workflow, from safety management to field activities, samples, earthworks, timesheets, and more.

We're constantly adding new features, powerful integrations, and advanced analytics, all designed with the end user in mind. The future of drilling software is here, and it's CorePlan.

How drilling software fits into your operations

Drilling is a data-heavy process, and its complexity is only increasing.

Keeping track of, monitoring, and effectively reporting on all aspects of the process can feel like a nightmare —especially when resource drilling teams and contractors each have their own spreadsheets and systems.

Critical data gets lost, updates go unnoticed, and discrepancies arise from different versions of the truth.

Drilling software solves this chaos. It centralises your drilling data, contracts, costs, and updates.

Everyone stays on the same page, efficiency skyrockets and those mind-numbing manual tasks disappear.

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Every challenge is an opportunity to innovate. We break down complex challenges to find the most effective solutions.

Grade Control

We encourage our team to create, launch, and iterate. Engaging with customers, embracing their feedback, and evolving our platform is a continuous cycle at CorePlan.


We're dedicated to creating an intuitive platform through constant end-user testing and feedback. This ensures our solutions are not only functional but also a delight to use.

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Our 'Always On' support system is designed to facilitate smooth onboarding and provide ongoing assistance. We're here for our users every step of the way.

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Through fortnightly sprints, we prioritise user-centric product development. We listen, learn, and adapt, focussing on the controllable inputs that drive outstanding outcomes.

The "Can-Do" Attitude

At CorePlan, 'impossible' is not in our dictionary. We tackle the 'gnarly problems' with a can-do attitude, often finding solutions where none seemed to exist.

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